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•Savant Remote
•Savant Host
•2 x Power Adaptors
•2 x USB Cables
•Remote Base
•Savant Blaster
•2 x AAA Batteries
•Owner's manual
•Warranty Information

Savant - Universal Remote + Host Kit - Black

  • Works with the devices you already own

    The Savant Remote works with over 380,000 of today's most popular entertainment devices and services.

    At the center of every Savant Home is a host

    By enabling wireless communication between other devices, it creates the experience of home automation.

    High-resolution touchscreen

    Shows you only the controls you need, eliminating the need for extra buttons.

    The centrally located Voice Command button

    Lets you easily activate a scene, control a service or change the channel.

    Say Goodnight

    When it's time to turn everything off at the end of the evening, simply press the microphone button and wish yourself a "Goodnight".

    Setup takes just minutes

    With Savant Instant™ App.

    The Savant Remote gives you easy access to your favorite shows

    And will even prioritize the channels you watch most.

    Personalize your entertainment

    Individual profiles give everyone in the family their own personal remote, with everything they love a tap or voice command away.

    Wireless Connectivity

    Wi-Fi - 802.11 a/b/g/n at 2.4GHz Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

    Compatible with

    Phone or tablet with iOS 9 or later, or Android 4.3 or later.


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